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Access Control

Know and control who goes, where and when. Avoid costly rekeying of locks.

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Protect your people and assets with intrusion detection solutions.

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Video Surveillance

Monitor your facility from anywhere with video surveillance solutions from ACS.

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Fire Alarm

From early warning detection to emergency alert systems, protect yourself with a modern fire system.

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Help keep your energy costs low while ensuring a comfortable environment.

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Lighting Controls

Automatically adjust lights and save energy as rooms are vacated.

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Building Automation Tools

Control and monitor your building with streamlined operation systems.

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Intercom Systems

New York City apartments aren’t the only properties that need intercom systems to maintain security and restrict access. Many organizations use intercoms to allow access once someone announces their arrival via intercom. Schools, campuses, hospitals, and other commercial properties all use intercom systems to implement safety procedures in secure buildings.

ACS Intercom System Services

ACS provides state-of-the-art intercom systems along with professional installation and maintenance services. When it comes to this technology, we recommend using an Aiphone intercom system for both residential and commercial customers. These systems have been integrated into many commercial, correctional, educational, government, healthcare, and residential settings.

Learn more about Aiphone intercom systems.

School Intercom Systems | Smart Buildings

Intercom systems for educational facilities are becoming an industry standard. Many K-12 campuses program doors to remain locked during the school day and only allow access to visitors who have properly identified themselves via intercom systems. ACS will integrate an intercom system that works with access control for schools wanting to maintain high levels of security.

Hospital Intercom Systems | Hospital Security

Certain wings of hospital buildings, such as ICU and labor & delivery, have restricted access. We know how hectic hospitals can be. Because of this, ACS installs intercom systems that work with access control and other visitor management systems. We’ve installed intercoms at entryways, which serve as the gateway to a restricted inpatient wing. Our skilled technicians have also installed intercom systems in elevators that stay grounded until access is given to those who identified themselves via the elevator’s intercom.

Commercial Intercom Systems | Smart Buildings

Other high-security properties employ these systems to enhance safety. Intercoms may be posted in any area where individuals need to announce their arrival before gaining access to the property. ACS can also integrate other security features, such as video surveillance, that allow your property to have even more security measures in place.

Call ACS Smart Buildings today at (913) 766-2336 to learn more about these comprehensive intercom systems and how we can help improve access control in your building.

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