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Access Control

Know and control who goes, where and when. Avoid costly rekeying of locks.

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Protect your people and assets with intrusion detection solutions.

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Video Surveillance

Monitor your facility from anywhere with video surveillance solutions from ACS.

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Fire Alarm

From early warning detection to emergency alert systems, protect yourself with a modern fire system.

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Help keep your energy costs low while ensuring a comfortable environment.

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Lighting Controls

Automatically adjust lights and save energy as rooms are vacated.

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Building Automation Tools

Control and monitor your building with streamlined operation systems.

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Preventive Building Maintenance


At ACS, we believe that prevention is key in achieving most of your building goals. As building managers and owners, you have big objectives to:

Our preventative building maintenance plans are designed to achieve all of your goals…and more.

Start now by signing up with preventive maintenance by ACS. Call (888)265-2773 today.

ACS Scheduled Building Maintenance Program

Our scheduled maintenance program is a cost-effective approach to maintaining and servicing your building needs. When your building is receiving regular maintenance, you can avoid costly unexpected repairs. You cannot only budget for the building maintenance plan, but also for the upcoming replacement of any HVAC units or smart products. While technology has boosted us into new times where we control everything with a simple touch or swipe, it doesn’t mean our systems are immune to eventual failure and replacement. Luckily, our maintenance program is designed to test, diagnose and keep track of when units will be due for replacement so that you can budget accordingly and maintain comfort.

HVAC maintenance

We will provide routine preventative maintenance on your HVAC units based on manufacturer specifications. We can perform maintenance on all makes and models whether we installed them or not. We have thousands of HVAC systems under contract at ACS and over 25 years of experience in the HVAC business. Our highly trained technicians have proven results. You can trust ACS to keep you, and everyone who uses your building, comfortable.

Common preventive maintenance services

Some of the routine maintenance we perform includes:

Call ACS today at (888)265-2773 in the Kansas City and Overland Park areas to learn more about our preventative building maintenance services.

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