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Access Control

Know and control who goes, where and when. Avoid costly rekeying of locks.

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Protect your people and assets with intrusion detection solutions.

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Video Surveillance

Monitor your facility from anywhere with video surveillance solutions from ACS.

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Fire Alarm

From early warning detection to emergency alert systems, protect yourself with a modern fire system.

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Help keep your energy costs low while ensuring a comfortable environment.

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Lighting Controls

Automatically adjust lights and save energy as rooms are vacated.

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Building Automation Tools

Control and monitor your building with streamlined operation systems.

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What are Smart Products?

At ACS, we make buildings smarter. Buildings that come alive once they know you are near. How? Smart products. Products like access control that restrict access to all entry points. Lighting and temperature systems tied into building automation that kick in once you enter the property. HD Video surveillance equipment that records when motion is detected. Fire alarms and burglar alerts that automatically sound off as soon as an emergency is detected. These products don’t only add life to your building; they save you time and money. And in the end, they conserve energy and keep you (and anyone who enters your building) safe.

ACS Brands | Smart Products

We design custom systems to meet each client’s unique needs and budget. We are also skilled at integrating smart products to work with existing hardware and infrastructure. Some of the smart products we integrate include:
• Stafea Controls
• Seimens Controls
• Seimens Fire
• DSX Access Control
• Silent Knight Alarms
• DMP Burglar Alarm Panels
• Smartvue Video Surveillance Systems
• Timesight Surveillance Recorders

Smart Products | Building Automation

Smart products automate your entire building, from your airflow to your lighting. Smart products also give you the power to control all systems with a single touch. We offer building automation systems that may be controlled via your smart phone or tablet. ACS integrates technologies designed with you in mind. Save money,
increase security and maintain comfort with building automation from ACS.

Smart Products | Energy Management

Smart products don’t only position you and your company as technologically advanced, they also save you money and conserve energy. Programming of several building operation systems will reduce the amount of energy used to run your facility. You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and saving money at the same time.

Smart Products | Video & Security

Video surveillance technology continues to evolve and improve as technology advances. ACS helps integrate video surveillance solutions to assist organizations in properly securing their properties (and all of their assets).

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