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Access Control

Know and control who goes, where and when. Avoid costly rekeying of locks.

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Protect your people and assets with intrusion detection solutions.

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Video Surveillance

Monitor your facility from anywhere with video surveillance solutions from ACS.

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Fire Alarm

From early warning detection to emergency alert systems, protect yourself with a modern fire system.

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Help keep your energy costs low while ensuring a comfortable environment.

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Lighting Controls

Automatically adjust lights and save energy as rooms are vacated.

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Building Automation Tools

Control and monitor your building with streamlined operation systems.

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Time Tracking

Time & attendance tracking has been revolutionized by smart products. While archaic systems using badges and punch clocks work for some, we can integrate new systems that allow you to easily (and efficiently) monitor time and attendance tracking for your employees. It’s one of ACS’s many smart products that make a building come alive.

Access Control | Time Tracking

In the past, time/attendance tracking and access control were managed separately. However, building automation and smart buildings allow the integration of all building systems to work together. Access control may now be combined with time/attendance tracking software to enable better management, reporting and oversight on a building and its occupants or employees. Employees or individuals who are given credentials for access control are monitored through their access into the facility. When they use their access control credentials to enter and exit the building, a time/attendance tracker keeps track of their time at work, hours away from work and locations they are “clocking in.”

Smart Buildings | Cost Savings

Time and attendance tracking that’s integrated with access control doesn’t only make your building smarter; it saves you money. Managers who use time/attendance-tracking reports can identify employee productivity and sometimes even payroll fraud. Building operators may identify how to best schedule and program building automation settings for HVAC and lighting based on typical patterns in building occupants, saving time, money and energy.

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