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Access Control

Know and control who goes, where and when. Avoid costly rekeying of locks.

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Protect your people and assets with intrusion detection solutions.

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Video Surveillance

Monitor your facility from anywhere with video surveillance solutions from ACS.

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Fire Alarm

From early warning detection to emergency alert systems, protect yourself with a modern fire system.

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Help keep your energy costs low while ensuring a comfortable environment.

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Lighting Controls

Automatically adjust lights and save energy as rooms are vacated.

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Building Automation Tools

Control and monitor your building with streamlined operation systems.

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Worry-free solutions

With an ACS building maintenance plan, you can focus on taking care of business and leave your building technology up to us. We know that building management is a tough job. With our GlobalSolutions, we guarantee equipment operation and protection with an affordable building maintenance plan.

Building Maintenance Plan Services by ACS

We offer a guaranteed option on our building maintenance plan services that can be paid in a set monthly fee. This monthly fee accounts for the yearly cost of maintenance, repairs and replacements. A building maintenance plan makes financial planning simple. No guesswork is needed, you know up-front what your yearly costs will be and can pay a set fee each month. This has allowed many clients to budget accordingly, have the information needed to present to key stakeholders and ultimately, never miss a beat when it comes to security and comfort.

Demand Ventilation, IAQ monitoring and control

ACS can assure your control systems are properly installed and maintained. This will let you manage your facilities with energy efficiency and provide steady occupant comfort.

UL central station monitoring

UL central station monitoring is an important part of your building maintenance plan. ACS provides 24-hour UL central station monitoring for automatic notification procedures in emergency situations. Web-based automation interacts for local and remote controlling, scheduling and tracking of important systems and information.

Customized Building Maintenance Plan Services

For more information about our building maintenance plan services, contact us online or call (888) 265-2773.

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